We are a Children's Book Publishing Company :)

FreeSpirit Ink. Publishing is a professional book publishing firm based in Houston, TX specializing in the development of diverse children and non-fiction literary content. Our parent company Lee's Press Publishing, located in North Carolina is owned and operated by our CEO Dr. William Lee Jr. and our team of book developers, editors, graphic designers, and illustrators. If you are seeking guidance on your book publishing journey we want to be your guiding light! Remember any idea can be a GREAT idea if it's developed the right way. So don't sit on those ideas any longer. We are a team of professionals here and ready to assist. At FreeSpirit Ink. Publishing our mission is a simple one. We are here to encourage and inspire every writer's imagination and inner child. We pride ourselves on promoting content that ignites self-love, respect, education, and diverse representation.

 "May your inner child's imagination remain free and fearless." 

~ FreeSpirit Ink. Publishing CEO & Director - Julia Aaryn Montanez

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